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2017-06-27 12:13:17
What is it Like to Live In Hawaii

What is it Like to Live In Hawaii?

In the modern day world, where most of us live a mundane and bustling city life, the opportunity to settle down in the Hawaiian Islands can turn out to be the best decision you ever make. The 50th State of the US, Hawaii has plenty to offer for everyone, which is not quite common with most other islands. The Islands of Hawaii is quite far from the mainland and is surrounded by water. The tropical climate here that is coupled along with the ocean winds, make it an ideal place for anyone to enjoy a consistent climatic condition throughout most of the year. Infact Hawaii does not have the common seasons of spring and autumn that we all grew up with. The two major seasons here are summer and winter, out of which the months of summer dominates most of the months.

So you might be wondering, how is it like to live in the fabulous island world of Hawaii. Most of us who are new to Hawaii might think that living here is like settling down in paradise in a beautiful beach house and surfing everyday on some of the best beaches in the world. Well that is all good for a magazine write up, but let us see the practical side of living in Hawaii.

Island State

Hawaii is an island, which means that most of the things are being shipped into the island from the mainland. Most of the things here are expensive and some of them even take more than 2 days to arrive, if you might order something online.

Practical Flaws of a Paradise

While the island is all glorious with its natural beauty, it still has its many flaws such as crime, traffic and rude behavior amongst some people. Most people tend to live in their honeymoon stage for a year and as life slowly settles down then reality kicks in. People do get sick here as well and no matter where you might stay in this island, your stuff begins to rust.

You Are Considered as a Haole

Haole in Hawaii means, a white person or not a native. So if you are moving into this island, unless and until you get along well with the community, things may be tough to feel like you fit in and are accepted with the islanders.

Expensive Housing

In order to buy a small house in Manoa you have to shell out a whopping $800,000. It might not be big as the house you have got used to in the mainland and even the yard would be a lot smaller for the huge price you pay. Living in an apartment for a monthly rent is a better option for most newcomers here, but it might not be the ideal place to stay for a long time.

Less Frequent Beach Time

As humans we get used to the many things we see on a daily basis. The beaches in Hawaii might seem as an overwhelming venue for you to spend time. But as you settle down in life here, every beach is just another beach here. Most of the time is actually spent at the office you might be working for, just as it was in the mainland.

Rust Factor

Surrounded by sea water on all sides, the Hawaiian Islands enjoys a tropical climate but the air here is quite humid and salty. Replacements on everything is quite common since rust easily creeps in and mold tends to grow in just 2 days if you leave anything wet and unattended. Dust is also a major factor that you need to get used to.

Inconsistent Social Life

Most of us have a lot of friends in the mainland and visiting them is practically an easy affair here than in an island. Most of the people who you visit here may not be there the second day, since they might have left the island or moved to another location or might be just a passing traveler. If you have a family, then it is fine to live here, but if you are moving in as a single person, it might be quite a challenge to live the island ways of life.

Everything Takes Longer

If you are used to the bustling and active lifestyle of the mainland, then get ready to slowdown drastically once you settle down in Hawaii. The Aloha lifestyle is a predominant factor that rules over most people here. Things happen at a very slow pace and the fascination of the laid back lifestyle is a common sight here.

Most People Leave in a Few Years

Some people are strong enough to face the lonely island life, but most of the people who move in here with high hopes, generally leave the island in a few years. So making up your mind and moving in with a strong determination to battle the odds is mandatory if you are planning to settle down in the Hawaiian Islands.

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