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2017-06-27 12:03:20
Top 6 Things To Do In Kona, Hawaii

Top 6 Things To Do In Kona, Hawaii

One of the popular cities of Hawaii is the city of Kailua Kona. It is often a popular destination for most tourists who visit this island every year. There are plenty of things that you can do in this city. Listed below are six of our favorite activities.

Go To The Beaches

The beaches in the city of Kailua Kona are not as pristine as the other beaches in the Big Island, but it is certainly the best way to spend time with your family. Since the beaches here are not as popular as other beaches, it is often less crowded too. This is a unique opportunity if you are planning to spend time without the bustling crowd of tourists around you. Though the waters here are a little murky, the beaches at Kailua Kona are famous for snorkeling. Green turtles are quite common in this beach and you can easily spot them even if you are not snorkeling, since they spend time sunbathing on the sandy beaches. You are sure to find other amazing creatures too like the eels and manta rays.

Ali’i Drive

Ali’I Drive is the best place for all your shopping requirements. You can easily find shops that sell souvenirs and Hawaiian t-shirts. It is also the place where you can find some of the best restaurants in the city. Outdoor café is quite common here and provides a unique opportunity to eat while you see the bustling activities around you. You also find the Hulihe’e palace which was once a vacation house for the royalty. It is now a museum that welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

Hanamana Boat Charters

Make sure to charter a Hanamana which was custom built for Kona with an over sized gunnels that are safe for dolphin viewing and whale watching. It also has easy access for snorkeling and swimming options.

Hawaii Outdoor Guides

This is the best way to enjoy active day tours and camping trips that are done overnight. Some of the many things explored in this guided outdoor tour are Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, turtles, black sand beaches, temples, waterfalls, hot pools, trail hikes, tropical rain forests and the fascinating Hawaiian history.

Sheraton Kona Resort

Sheraton Kona makes use of the resort’s natural surroundings and the tranquil environment to heal and relax your senses. The unique cultural and healing traditions of Hawaii are incorporated into professional services such as massage, facial and other body treatments designed to relieve stress and get your ready for an energetic lifestyle. A complete service salon and the fitness center that is just a few yards away completes the unique spa experience in the best way possible.

Home Tours Hawaii

The Home Tours Hawaii is designed to give you an experience beyond the shops and luas, past the main streets and hotels, to glimpse the island life in 3 private homes. You get to enjoy a “Farm to Fork” 3-course progressive brunch. All the food you eat here are locally prepared using ingredients and tropical flavors from the Big Island.

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