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2017-06-27 11:48:29
Oahu Hawaii Cost of Living

Oahu Hawaii Cost of Living

Living cost in Oahu

Living in Hawaii has its own set of perks to it. Not only do you get to live on a tropical Island but you also get to enjoy an Aloha lifestyle which is unique to Hawaii. People who do not like a high cost of living tend to stay away from this Island since anything and everything is expensive here. Owing to the remote location of this island, everything has to be shipped in from the US mainland. The transportation costs are quite high which eventually ends up as taxes being paid by the island dwellers.

The Missouri Economic research and information center rated the cost of living in Oahu and surrounding islands of Hawaii as the highest in all of the 50 states of USA. While the islands offers a tropical bliss for everyone to enjoy, it sure does come with a big price to pay.

Housing is one of the most expensive things in Hawaii, unless you would like to camp on the many allocated camping sites on the beach. If you have a family and you want four walls and a roof over your head, then get ready to pay a high price for it in Hawaii. The median price for housing units in Hawaii is 1.35 times more than that of the US median asking price. Though the island is quite big, the certified and designated areas for housing remain smaller. So the high demand for housing has increased the asking prices. If you already have a home in Hawaii, then you might have probably built equity for your home and you tend to stay on the safer side. But if you are moving in to Hawaii for the first time and seeking a house to settle in, then get ready to be surprised with the exorbitant prices at which they retail in.

homes for sale in Oahu HawaiiYou always have the alternative version of renting a house, condo or an apartment in Hawaii. Though it may not be the best thing to do for a long time, it is something that can get you through life in Hawaii. The demand for rental properties are similarly high as that of buying a house here.

Utility bills can pose a major surprise to you in Hawaii. Hawaii, along with the Alaska region belongs to the “Pacific Noncontiguous” region that has the highest monthly utility bills in the entire nation. Though the island favors a tropical climate throughout the year, summer time is quite hot and demands the use of air conditioning units, which can increase utility bills instantly. Hawaiian Islands is still being ranked as No. 1 when it comes to electricity costs. There is a slight variation of prices among the many islands, but it still remains high, compared to the prices that we are used to paying in the mainland.

Most of the grocery items are being shipped in from the mainland and is still the most expensive prices in the nation. Unless you learn to master the art of living a simple Aloha lifestyle and tend to buy local produce, be prepared to spend a lot each month on your grocery bills too.

Oahu, Hawaii has the lowest property tax in the nation and this might be the only good news when it comes to lesser pricing. Once you have decided to live the Aloha lifestyle in Hawaii, then make sure to relish on the many free beaches and entertainment on this island. The quality of life is given a higher importance than the quantity of life, here in Hawaii.

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