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2017-06-27 11:40:16
Hawaii Weather


The Hawaiian Islands are often found with a consistent weather condition throughout the year. Owing to its topographical location amidst water, the tropical climate is a pleasure to be in. Climatic changes are often minor and there are really only 2 major seasons in Hawaii. Summertime prevails from May to October and winter which is between the months of November to April.

hawaii weatherThis unique island is an amazing collection of diverse macro-environments, each with its own selection of weather, plants and animals. Various elevations pose a different climatic condition while there is a shielding effect on the islands owing to the many volcanoes found here. Within the span of a few miles you can stumble upon rain forests, cool alpine regions, deserts and the most commonly found sunny beaches.

Hawaiian patterns in weather conditions are often affected by the high-pressure zones in the North Pacific which pumps cool moist trade winds down to the northwestern slopes of the island. Forced up the slope of the mountains, the moisture content found in these trade winds condenses and brings in the much required rainfall to the islands. It is this unique weather condition that results in the creation of Hawaii’s rich, green and tropical environment.

The rainy seasons are from November to March but it does not affect your vacation plans, since a few miles down the road you are sure to stumble upon a sunny spot to continue your journey. The trade winds also ensures a cold breeze throughout the year.

Water temperature is found to be comfortable throughout the year. The wave actions can change dramatically between the island coasts and seasons. The Pacific storms drive ocean swells toward the islands, which creates the legendary Big waves of Hawaii. Tourists from all over the world, travel each year just to visit and see these waves in action.

Beach on HawaiiThe natural beauty found in the higher elevations often attracts most tourists to take a hike up the many mountains. The temperature here can down significantly, hence tourists are often warned to wear appropriate clothing and a powerful sunscreen, since the UV rays are much more intense as you climb up towards the summit.

The overall weather conditions in Hawaii is often a pleasure to be in. A cold breeze throughout the daytime ensures your fatigue levels stay well within control as you venture around to see the many exciting sights and sounds of this gorgeous island of Hawaii.

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